New Vat Rules on Bus Transport in Denmark

Companies that operate busses for tourist transport in Denmark you should be aware of the new rules coming into force as from next month.
On 1 July 2014 parts of a new VAT Act will come into force in Denmark. This means that the Danish special rules for foreign tourist transport will be abolished. Foreign bus operator providing tourist transport in Denmark therefore needs to register for VAT and pay VAT according to the general rules of the Danish VAT Act.
Such operators need to register their business by completing a form that you can upload at On submission the operators may then be asked to provide additional documentation. Once the company has so been registered, one will receive a registration certification with the Danish VAT number, which will be sent to the indicated postal address.
When a company has been registered for VAT, one will be obliged to declare VAT for each VAT period as indicated in the information leaflet about the VAT period sent together with the VAT certificate.
For further information you can contact our office on or the Danish MGI member firm Redmark on…

The above information is being provided as a general guide only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional advice.

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