Doing Business in Malta

Over the past two decades Malta embarked on a very ambitious programme to establish itself as an International Finance and Industrial Centre. Its strategic location makes this island nation an ideal stepping-stone for anybody wishing to tap the markets of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The most common way of doing business in Malta is through a company or a local branch of a foreign company, and this booklet has been produced mainly with these entities in mind. Other forms of entities are possible, like Trusts for example.

With its membership in the European Union as of 1st May 2004, the above Business opportunities in Malta are even more relevant to investors from outside the Union.

MGI Malta has created a guide designed to give an insight into doing business in Malta and Malta company formation set-up, together with relevant background information, which will be of assistance to any organisation considering the setting up of a business here. Some entities, such as banks, insurance and investment companies are subject to special regulations which may not always be dealt with in this booklet.

Please follow this link to download our Guide to Doing Business in Malta.