4) I am a Canadian citizen and wish to retire in Malta. Will I need to pay any tax whilst living there and will my estate be subject to Maltese taxation after I am dead?

Any person can apply for a permanent residency status in Malta acquire a home and live here for as long as one wishes provided he/she fulfills the conditions applicable to the particular scheme one applies under.

Malta actively promotes and welcomes citizens from all over the world to come and reside here provided they can prove that they will not be a burden to the local economy.

Any expat who is tax resident , but not ordinary resident, in Malta is taxed on

  • Income arising in Malta
  • Income arising overseas and remitted to Malta
  • Capital Gains arising in Malta

Malta has no inheritance tax, but on death of a permanent resident, his/her heirs will have to pay 5% stamp duty on any Malta property inherited that is transferred onto their name.

Further information on this subject can be found in our article Foreign Residents in Malta

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